Cozy Cargo Suitcase Pet Bed

When you think of the the “recycle”, you usually don’t think of “pet bed”.

At Honey Pot, we sure do! These beautiful, vintage suitcases have served their true purpose at some point, but today, they serve the purpose of giving your cutie a place to sleep on. Honey Pot is excited to introduce to you our latest arrivals to the shop – Cozy Cargo Suitcase Pet Beds! These pet beds are designed for both dogs & cats.

Dimensions: 20″L X 15″W X 9.5″H

Give your place a new piece of unique, vintage furniture, and give your pet something verrrry cool to sleep on. These Cozy Cargos are one of a kind, so we only have one of each design in stock. The pet beds are hand crafted in Canada, but don’t worry about the shipping, because this product includes FREE SHIPPING. YIPPIE {another great Honey Pot deal}.

To view product details, please click here.

Questions? E.mail:

Happy Shopping!

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