Pet Bow Ties & Flowers

 Let’s kick off our new Facebook Fan Page by doing a Bow Tie Mania deal!

We all like to dress up once in a while, and so do our pets {believe it or not}. Why don’t you do your sweet pooch or kitty a favor, and stock up on these adorable Bow Ties & Flowers that are fit for royalty.

These fabulous Bow Ties & Flowers are handmade right in the USA. There are tons of colors, patterns & sizes to choose from for both Dog & Cat!

Oh, did we mention that these cute accessories are 25% OFF + FREE SHIPPING {anywhere in the United States} for who knows how long. Yuupp… even more reason to buy something cute for your loyal friend.

 {Be sure to check out the measurements before placing your order!}

Order Here: 

Questions Here: or {813} 400.1774

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