What a Steal

It’s that time of year again, when everyone is on the extreme of searching out awesome deals. Is this you too? We sure hope so! because otherwise, why are we giving up specials, promo codes, and coupons?! Ha. Try not to become over whelmed with our already competitive low prices. Just incase you can’t keep our promotions straight, we are providing you a quick list of our super hot deals this month!

* Be sure to check out our Sale. Lots to choose from {pet toys, treats, beds, bowls, and more!}

* Join us on Facebook, and receive a 10% OFF coupon.

* Win a free prize {Honey Pot E.Gift Card} when you submit a pet photo for our Cutest Pet Contest.

* Get FREE SHIPPING when you spend $50 or more in our shop {promo code: december11}

* Bow Tie Mania is happening right now for a limited time only – 25% OFF + FREE SHIPPING {no promo code required}.

Sign up for free updates on deals to come you won’t want to miss! Sign up on our blog today!

Happy Shopping! 

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