Meet The Hurleys


Meet PINK Hurley! The newest member to the Hurley Family.

Cherry Blossom Pink Hurley comes in Mini, Small, & Large.

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New in the shop!

Eco friendly doggie toys. Toys come in three sizes :: Large, Small & Mini

Three different colors ::

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XO – Honey Pot Team 

P.S. – Don’t Forget About Our Giveaways!

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4 thoughts on “Meet The Hurleys

  1. HI!!! I’m stopping by from Yellow Bird + Yellow Beard and I LOVE your products. 😀 I’m hoping I win her giveaway… but even if I don’t, I am SUCH a huge new fan. 😀 My kitties deserve THE BEST and your shop HAS IT. 😉

  2. I am visiting from Yellow Bird + Yellow Beard. My mastiff/pit/lab mix would probably do well with one of these Hurley style toys. He seems to chew up just about anything, but these look extra durable, plus, the fella and I enjoy the eco-friendliness.


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