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Okay. This. Is. Too. Much.

More deals from Honey Pot Pet for you!

Click on the pictures below to be directed to the deal.

Have fun 🙂

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Go Ballistic with this baby!

Your teething pup, or toy eating dog, will go nuts over this Tough Nylon Plush Toy!

 Select from two styles:

1. Purple Lady Mink

2. Yellow Mister Mink

 Toy Size: 17″

Indulge your pet with this luxurious créme rinse conditioner.

Works best on short to medium coats.

* Hydrolyzed oat protein: A natural conditioning agent that enhances moisture retention. It adds softness to the coat while improving texture and manageability.

* Vitamin E: A potent antioxidant that helps restore vitality and shine to the coat, while providing lasting protection from the environment.

* Sunflower Seed Oil: Infused with essential fatty acids and vitamins, it is easily absorbed and deeply nourishing to the coat and the skin.

All Pet Head formulas are pH adjusted and free of paraben, petroleum derivatives, sulfate and DEA.

Scent: Oatmeal & Honey

Size: 16.1 fl. oz.

Punkify your pup with our rockin’ color styling gel.

Non-staining and temporary, it allows your pet to have fun without commitment!

Select from the following colors:

* Barkin’ Blue

* Groupie Green

* Punk’d Pooch Purple

* Woofalicious Pink 

This gift basket includes:

* 32 oz. Multi Enzyme Carpet Spotter

* 16 oz. Pet Head grooming bottle {either dog shampoo or cat shampoo}

* Basket choice of: Yellow, Pink, Blue

* High quality, white micro fiber blotting towel

* Traditional yellow cleaning gloves

* Small carpet hand brush


* Gift Packing included!

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