As Seen On Martha’s Holiday Finds!

This is going to be Hokie Man’s favorite, I just know it!…

NEW in the shop, and as seen on the Martha Stewart Show : 2011 Holiday Finds..

Introducing the KONG Wobbler!

The Wobbler is a KONG-shaped food dispensing toy and feeder that sits upright
until pushed with a dog’s paw or nose, then dispenses treats as it wobbles, spins and rolls.

Made in USA.

The Wobbler unscrews for quick filling and easy clean up, and is top-shelf dishwasher safe. It is great for playtime, providing challenge and physical activity the whole family will enjoy watching.  It also presents and excellent alternative to the traditional food bowl, extending the joy of feeding time and preventing unhealthy gulping.  The Wobbler is made of a durable, FDA food-approved, high strength polymer and  an accommodate up to two cups of food.


Twist off top to open
Fill Wobbler dish with dry dog food or favorite small treats.
Twist on top. Encourage dog to rock Wobbler to dispense reward.
Top For dogs up to 25 pounds.

9”H x 6”W.

Small KONG Wobbler.

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