Dog Gift Basket Giveaway

Head over to Janee’s Yellow Bird, Yellow Beard Blog for a  Saweet Giveaway!
 Greens & Pinks have been selected for this gift basket because of our excitement for SPRING! Doesn’t your furry cutie pie deserve a new plush toy, smell good shampoo, heck – even a little hair styling gel?
Giveaway includes::: 
1. Green Bunny – Chewbies – squeeky dog toy with plush tail. Chewbies are safe non-toxic chew toys for doggies of all ages & size.
2.  Pet Head “Dirty Talk” Dog deodorizing Shampoo. Fruit Fantasy scent.
3. Pet Head “Color me Bad” Groupie Green Dog Styling Gel.
4. Action Time Multi Enzyme Carpet Spotter 10 oz. bottle with sprayer.
5. White micro-fiber towel.
6. Super Duper Durable Cat – Orange & Pink.
7. Pink basket.
8. Free Shipping in the USA!
Total Value : $65.96
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Have you seen the NEW Fugly Friends in the shop yet?

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8 thoughts on “Dog Gift Basket Giveaway

  1. YAY! SOOOO freaking excited! We love to spoil our pooch and I think this giveaway is just what he needs for his 2nd birthday!! Came over from Yellow Bird, Yellow Beard! Thanks!!

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