Congratulation, The Chaz

We are SUPER DUPER excited to add this new feature at Honey Pot Pet Studios. Pet of the Month is a way for you to brag about your pet and get them spoiled!

Each month, selects a pet picture for us. We received roughly 45 pet pictures for March, but unfortunately, can only feature one! Thank you for all your darling photo submissions. No need to resubmit {only if you really want to} pet photos for April.

Now. Drum roll please…

Congratulations to The Chaz from the Swenson Family.

“The Chaz” is probably the most spoiled puppy dog out there! He loves playing chase, tug-of-war, chewing on his flavored pig ears, playing with the baby and going for rides and walks. He is quite the smarty pants! He knows how to shake paws, beg, dance, roll over and takes his treats extra nice. We love him so much!

– The Swenson Family


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