Fundle See-Through Pet Sling

Let’s take pet carriers to the next level: Pet Slings!

See-Through features mesh side panels for super ventilation and a big bottle pocket. Made with durable light-weight washable polyester, it’s so easy to maintain.
It is also equipped with the third zipperon the partially meshed cover for the complete closure for cats, ferrets and rabbits. Other regular features, such as a built-in-tether, a wide thickly padded shoulder strap, pipe cushions to support head of pet, assure the security and comforts for both the pet and the owner. This model works well with Cool Vest as it provides better air flow allowing good evaporation

Available in 4 colors(Black, Ocean Blue, Tea Green and Orange), 3 sizes (Large, Standard and Mini)

Fundle® is the most comfortable, safe and convenient hands-free pet carrier available in the market. Fundle® is not just a piece of cloth, but is engineered to fulfill the physical and behavioral needs of pets. Its patented design (PCT# KR0802021) and a wide range of colors and patterns satisfies the pets and owners who know the best. Classic Series: Polyester 100% 5 Colors in 3 sizes (Mini – for pet up to 3.5lbs, Standard – for pet up to 11lbs, and Large – for pet up to 18lbs) Washable.

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