New Favorites

Hello fellow pet lovers!

Where has the time gone? Can you believe it’s already November?! We sure can’t.

With a new season here, we have some new favorites in our shop. Feel free to check out our FAVES here. You’ll find adorable gifts for both cats and dogs, and their owners. Pet owners are important too, right?

We want to shed some special light to our newest vendor, Your Dog’s Diner. We are excited to have their products in our shop! Your Dog’s Diner is designed for those who treat their dog like family.


Are these treats already made?

No.  Our kits are designed to assist you with cooking for your dog.  YOU add one pound of meat and an egg to our Mutt Meatballs Mix.  And for our Mutt Soup Mix, you add one pound of meat, one tablespoon of olive oil and water or unsalted chicken broth.  Simple as that!

Why aren’t these treats already made so that I don’t have to cook?

The whole idea behind Your Dog’s Diner is that cooking for your dog is a rewarding, loving and healthier way to give your dog treats.  You control the protein source and are assured what you are feeding your dog is safe.  There are no recalls in your own kitchen!

Are the ingredients safe for my dog?

We have taken great care to research all of our ingredients.  However, every dog’s health and nutritional needs are different.  So we must insist you check with your vet before changing your dog’s diet.

Will these treats replace my dog’s meals?

NO.  These treats are meant to be supplements, not meal replacements.  But what great treats they are!

Why are the packages so full?

You will notice that our bags may be smaller than what you expect.  Why?  We refuse to be wasteful.  Look at other products in bags on store shelves.  Alot of wasted space inside. We refuse to trick our customers.  What you see is what you get!

What isn’t in Your Dog’s Diner Treat Mixes?

There are no additives, preservatives, fillers or chemicals.  That is a very good thing.

Shop It Here!

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