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Pet Head Hair Gel

Wondering how our Pet of the Month is doing? Well…. we’re happy to report that he’s Rockin some fantastic Pet Head Green Hair Gel. Tehehe – isn’t he a cutie pie? {look at all those Honey Pot toys in the background – EEK!} We love that Chaz is our March Pet of the Month, but … Continue reading

Dog Gift Basket Giveaway

Head over to Janee’s Yellow Bird, Yellow Beard Blog for a  Saweet Giveaway!  Greens & Pinks have been selected for this gift basket because of our excitement for SPRING! Doesn’t your furry cutie pie deserve a new plush toy, smell good shampoo, heck – even a little hair styling gel? Giveaway includes:::  1. Green Bunny – … Continue reading

Punkified Louie

Meet Louie. He’s Daniela’s cute little {3 lbs} Shih tzu and Bichon mix. Doesn’t he look rocker with those pink highlights? We couldn’t agree more! Louie is styling Pet Head hair gel : PINK! Shop all the colors Here for only $9.99. EEK! http://www.honeypotpet.com