DIY Bookmark Tutorial

We love a good DIY, but we REALLY love an easy peasy, quick and cheap DIY tutorial!

First, you’ll need to print out your images on white, heavy stock paper.

Print double since we are double siding the bookmark.

You’ll need to cut out a sheet of photo protector sheet from a photo album.

Place your printed out images inside the plastic and cut around, leaving a half an inch of the open side to work with.

Line a kitchen towel along the open side of the plastic sheet and press with an extra hot iron.

This will melt the plastic and seal the open edge. Take your scissors and cut off the extra length.

Cut off the extra bookmark paper as well.

Hole punch a single circle and tie in a ribbon or your choice.

Poof! You now have a waterproof, heavy, pretty bookmark to help keep your place in your favorite book!

Have fun! XO – Greta + Team 

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